ShipMoney Strengthens Its Position in the Market by Providing Financial Payments Services to Campbell Shipping

Stuart Ostrow

Stuart Ostrow

President of Maritime
Payment Solutions - ShipMoney

Global payments provider ShipMoney is arming more maritime crews with financial independence through its innovative electronic maritime payments system, following the latest contract it has secured with shipmanagement company Campbell Shipping.

ShipMoney is a comprehensive maritime payments system that facilitates onboard payroll payments, employer and employee generated international remittances, money transfers and onboard expense payments through a singular integrated payments platform.

Stuart Ostrow, President of ShipMoney, said: “I am delighted that ShipMoney will be servicing all of Campbell Shipping’s crew and Captains with our payment solutions. I am very pleased to see a recent positive shift in the attitude of the industry, which is increasingly adapting to the changing world of maritime payments.

“ShipMoney eliminates the need for crew to carry excessive amounts of cash offering safety and security while traveling to and from the vessels, as well as financial independence for seafarers.”

Davina McKenzie, Campbell Group Group Financial Controller, “Campbell Shipping is very pleased to offer this system to our crew members, which allows our seafarers to manage their own payments and reduce the need for cash onboard our ships.”

ShipMoney offers an alternative to how crew members are paid today providing them with real-time access to their wages anywhere and at any time. Through the ShipMoney Visa payroll card, crew can withdraw local currency at ATMs, make purchases, and transfer funds with Western Union and other remittance services.