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How much your cash-to-master costs are and how much idle cash is maintained onboard?




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How much time and money it costs to administer and pay your crew?




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How much your bank charges for international wires?

ShipMoney is an industry leading provider of payment solutions for maritime companies throughout the world.  We develop efficient, customized cost-saving programs for crew, vendors and suppliers facilitating crew payroll payments, international corporate remittances, money transfers, mobile top-ups, payroll advances, onboard expenses and all other forms for shoreside and onboard payments.


Many years ago, the Founder Stuart Ostrow had a simple idea – to develop a business providing an alternative solution for how crew members in the cruise line industry received their pay. That simple idea has evolved to providing the global maritime industry with a comprehensive and cost-effective platform for international corporate and crew payments.

Our values as an organization, our passion, commitment to excellence and dedication to our clients and crew members stem from the personal experiences of our Founder. Mr. Ostrow was a pioneer in the initial development and introduction of payroll card programs for the cruise line industry and was a key driver in their widespread worldwide adoption. This cumulative experience provided the cornerstone for the development of ShipMoney as a business.


Solutions for cash-to-master and wire payments sent to crew member bank accounts.

Historically. crew have been paid with cash onboard and a wire payment sent home. a very costly and inefficient way to administer onboard pay that has not changed in several decades.

ShipMoney enables employers to offer crew the flexibility to directly manage their wages providing them with immediate access and control anywhere and at any time in a very cost-efficient manner.



Solutions for international transfers to pay suppliers, vendors, and agencies.

With ShipMoney, you can deposit, hold and manage over 100 currencies within a singular account simultaneously. Send payments worldwide 24/7 with our online platform or process bulk payments with our simple file upload functionality.

With ShipMoney, you can automate payments by integrating your finance and accounting systems with our corporate payment system. With our API library, you can convert and send funds instantaneously, book trades in advance or distribute payments worldwide.

With ShipMoney, you can minimize exposure to the Fx market including forward contracts or Fx option structures designed to protect your profits and take the pain out of global trade.


ShipMoney is a privately held Florida based company and is an operating subsidiary of Global Technology Partners, LLC (GTP). GTP is one of the largest international core prepaid payment processors in the world providing processing and program management services to over 80 banks in 30+ countries.

The business supports over 2 million active prepaid accounts with deposits approaching $2 billion annually. GTP is a privately held Visa and MasterCard certified company based in Tulsa, Oklahoma principally owned by the Merrick Family Trust with minority interests owned by GTP’s executives and Argonaut Private Equity, a $3 billion private equity firm.

The Executive Committee of ShipMoney

Stuart Ostrow

Robert Merrick

Richard Bialek


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